Your dog is very welcome at park Drentheland

Your dog is your best buddy, of course your dog will go with you on holiday!
Park Drentheland is located in the Drents-Friese Wold. Dogs are welcome on a leash in the Drents-Friese Wold. Why? In this area there are deer and other game. Deer are very shy and can take flight and end up as a traffic victim. Of course we want to prevent this. There are also dog run-off areas. There are a number of off-leash areas connected to each other so you and your dog can take a nice long walk too!

The "spartelvijver" is about 4 kilometers from Park Drentheland. The Spartelvijver has been specially constructed for dogs and horses. The newly constructed walking routes make the area attractive to visitors. You can also easily get here by car. You then park at the Canada Lake and follow the signs. The Spartelvijver is located behind the well-known Canada Lake.
Dogs must be on a leash in the park. From Park Drentheland you can go directly into the forest to walk your dog. You can always contact the reception if you have any questions or comments.