Drents Museum Assen

Drents Museum Assen

Stimulate all your senses with the special collection of the Drents museum

In the Drents museum you will discover hidden secrets of archeology, art and history. Young and old are inspired with stories from the rich cultural history of Drenthe and the Netherlands.
When you make your way through this impressive museum, all your senses are stimulated by all the beauty in which you immerse yourself. Be amazed by the widely renowned exhibitions, the world-famous bog bodies (including the Yde Girl) and the oldest boat in the world. This museum has a beautiful collection of its own, focusing on archeology, Drenthe's cultural history, contemporary fictional art and Dutch visual art.

For the youngest visitors

For the younger visitors of this museum, an extensive program with various viewing, playing, doing and thinking assignments has been set up. Children discover a whole different world here with special objects from all over the world. Step into the wonderful world of Johannes van Lier and his eccentric family in 'The largest dollhouse in the Netherlands'. In 'Codename: Energy', you will learn everything about the energy province par excellence: Drenthe! How cool is that?

Location: Assen
Distance from Park Drentheland: 37 km