Museum de Proefkolonie

Museum de Proefkolonie

Discover the origins of our welfare state during a multimedia time travel​.

It is 1818. Napoleon has left our country as the 'Kingdom of the Poor'. Johannes van den Bosch is a socially committed general and comes as a lifesaver. His ambitious plan is to combat poverty in the Netherlands through the foundation of agricultural colonies. This is how the Society of Benevolence is born. Poor city dwellers are received in Southwest Drenthe and can count on work and shelter. Children are required to attend school and there is an own health insurance fund. With these social provisions, the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid is ahead of the rest of the Netherlands and is therefore regarded as the cradle of our welfare state.

See, experience and marvel

Go back 200 years in time and this unique story of Johannes van den Bosch remained. In the new Museum De Proefkolonie in Frederiksoord you can follow in the footsteps of the first settlers and experience their unforgettable story through a unique multimedia journey through time!

Also discover the outdoor museum

Many walking and cycling routes lead from the museum along the historical legacy. Go on a voyage of discovery and see the colony houses, the church, basket workshop, forestry school and horticultural school! From Park Drentheland there are also various cycling and walking routes that tell the story of the colony.

Combine your visit with a visit to the National Prison Museum. The stories of both fit together perfectly.

Location: Frederiksoord
Distance from Park Drentheland: 13 km