Play and ice farm 'De Drentse Koe'

Play and ice farm 'De Drentse Koe'

Playing outside in the countryside

A day with the whole family to "De Drentse Koe" is undoubtedly a guarantee for a day full of fun! It is a true play paradise on the outside area around the farm. Children can enjoy themselves on the inflatables and playground equipment, hold a competition on the super cool stair tractors or mammoth go-karts and bake shortbread cakes in the large sandbox. Cuddling is blown in the animal meadow! The kids, rabbits, donkeys and chickens are really cute ...

Romp around in the play shed and the interactive water playground

Sliding, climbing, clambering, building blocks and playing glow-in-the-dark football. It's all possible in the indoor play facilities of De Drentse Koe. When the mercury rises above 16 degrees, the interactive water playground is also open. In the former cowshed, various water play equipment has been combined with a Spray Park, where the children are challenged to actively play with the water games. The unique design of the water play equipment is completely in line with the theme of the farm. Awesome!

Yum, eat ice cream!

In the ice cream parlor of De Drentse Koe you can enjoy delicious home-made products. From fresh milk and only natural ingredients, almost all imaginable ice cream flavors are carefully made for you. Frozen yogurt, strawberry ice cream, banana ice cream, vanilla ice cream, they have it all. Psst, at Park Drentheland you can already get a taste of the ice cream from "De Drentse Koe".

Location: Ruinerwold
Distance from Park Drentheland: 26,9 km