The Prison Museaum

The Prison Museaum

The most exciting trip in the Netherlands

Crime and punishment are timeless. But the way we punish has changed a lot over the years.
Discover what a prison used to look like and how the prisoners were treated. But you will not only discover here how people used to punish, also how it is now.
And how nice is it that you can look inside everywhere! This way you can take a look inside the cells, the isolation department and the air cage. You can also take a tour of Veenhuizen with the "crook bus", where the guide will tell you about all the monumental buildings.

Combine your visit with a visit to Museum de Proefkolonie. The stories of both fit together perfectly.

View current opening times and prices here. Parking is free.

Location: Veenhuizen
Distance from Park Drentheland: 24.5 km
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